West Oxford

The waterways, bridges and islands of West Oxford

West Oxford covers a diverse landscape of waterways and islands populated with residential and commercial communities. Heading west from Oxford city centre along the Botley Road is Osney Bridge spanning the River Thames towards Botley. Navigators of the river should be aware that the Bridge has the lowest headroom of any across the Thames.


Two minutes walk from the railway station is an island surrounded by the Thames which was the location of a twelfth century Augustinian abbey. After its dissolution by Henry VIII its huge bell was housed in the specially built Tom Tower at Christ Church.

Botley Road

Further out from the station Botley itself was built in the 1930s. It has a shopping centre and good car parking; also the Park & Ride bus service (Seacourt) to the town centre. The ring road/A34 bisects it but is well concealed and noise insulated.

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