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ADHD Health Clinic

At ADHD Health Clinic, we believe that expertise is paramount in providing quality care. Dr. Shyamal Mashru, our lead consultant psychiatrist, brings years of experience and specialisation in ADHD diagnosis and treatment.

Our specialised approach goes beyond symptom identification, guiding you on a holistic journey from in-depth testing and assessment to personalised treatment.

We’re dedicated to empowering you by providing clarity and support, helping you discover the strengths within ADHD. Let’s transform challenges into opportunities for growth and well-being, unlocking your full potential for a thriving life in every aspect.

At ADHD Clinic, we understand the importance of clear and direct communication with a specialist for anyone suspecting they may have ADHD. Dr. Mashru, who also contributes his expertise to the NHS, recognises the challenges and costs associated with private assessments and management. Aware of the lengthy waiting times many patients face in the NHS, and the subsequent turn to private diagnosis and management, Dr. Mashru is committed to supporting prospective patients from the outset. To this end, he is pleased to extend a complimentary 10-minute ADHD screening call, offering an opportunity for individuals to discuss their concerns and questions before deciding to proceed with a full assessment.

Unlock your unique ADHD profile with our comprehensive services:

90-minute Full ADHD Assessment, complete with an in-depth diagnostic report, to lay the groundwork for a tailored treatment plan by pinpointing your specific symptoms, challenges, and strengths.

Quick-check your symptoms with our 6-question ADHD Testing tool.

Benefit from personalised care with 30-minute ADHD Follow-up Appointments, including prescriptions and secure medication delivery across the UK.

For those with a Previous ADHD Diagnosis Requiring Medication, a focused 45-minute session with Dr. Shyamal Mashru will reassess your needs (all prior psychiatric reports must be submitted before the appointment).

Start your journey to better understanding and managing your ADHD today.


  • ADHD diagnosis to tailored treatments
  • Free 10-minute initial screening calls with Dr. Mashru.
  • Detailed 90-minute assessment and quick 6-question symptom check.
  • Personalised 30-minute follow-ups with UK-wide prescription delivery.



  • 07340 604460
  • Charterhouse Clinic
    98 Crawford Street
    W1H 2HL
  • Dr. Shyamal Mashru


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