Ice Cream and Gelato Shops in Oxfordshire

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Ice Cream and Gelato Shops in Oxfordshire

Indulging in a delightful scoop of gelato or ice cream is a quintessential pleasure on a warm day, and Oxfordshire boasts a variety of exceptional gelato and ice cream shops that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. From traditional Italian gelato to inventive flavours and vegan options, there’s something to please every palate.

iScream in Oxford

iScream is a beloved gelateria located in Oxford’s Covered Market. With its vibrant atmosphere and mouth-watering selection of gelato flavours, iScream has become a go-to spot for locals and visitors alike. From classic favourites like vanilla and chocolate to innovative creations such as salted caramel pretzel and cookie dough, there’s a flavour to suit every palate.

The gelato is made with the finest ingredients sourced from organic farms, ensuring a consistently intense and delightful taste. Step into iScream and treat yourself to a scoop (or two) of pure frozen bliss!

The Cone in Banbury

The Cone, a delightful ice cream shop located in Banbury. With its vibrant and eye-catching exterior, The Cone beckons both locals and visitors to indulge in a moment of frozen delight. Step inside and be greeted by a wide array of flavours, ranging from classic favourites to inventive creations that will tantalise your taste buds. Whether you crave the creamy richness of Rum & Raisin, the irresistible crunch of Cookie Crunch, or the refreshing sweetness of Pink Bubble-gum, there’s a flavour for everyone to enjoy.

The Cone also offers a variety of vegan options, including delectable flavours like Raspberry Ripple, Peanut Butter, and Coconut.

The team at The Cone is committed to providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that each visitor leaves with a smile and a desire to return for more!

Alfonso Gelateria – Various Locations

With locations in Summertown (Oxford), Woodstock and Witney, Alfonsos Gelateria is a haven for gelato enthusiasts. Their authentic Italian gelato is made fresh daily, using traditional methods and the finest ingredients. Indulge in classic flavours like pistachio and Mint Stracciatella or venture into unique creations such as honeycomb and blood orange sorbet.

Alfonso in Summertown

This is where they began the Alfonso Gelateria journey. The original “Alfonso Gelateria” food truck made its debut in May 2018, setting up in the heart of Summertown, North Oxford. Here they serve a selection of 8 gelato flavours, each crafted with passion and expertise. Whether you opt for a velvety ice cream or refreshing sorbets, Alfonso Summertown is sure to satisfy your cravings for frozen delights.

Alfonso in Witney

Nestled with large glass walls and inviting outdoor seating, the corner shop in Witney offers a sun-soaked ambiance throughout the day. Situated at Marriott’s Walk Shopping area it’s the perfect spot to gather with friends for gelato. Indulge in a selection of 14 gelato flavours, including creamy ice cream and refreshing sorbets.

Alfonso in Woodstock

Located in the heart of the charming town of Woodstock. You can take a leisurely walk with your gelato in hand through the magnificent grounds of Blenheim Palace. Here you can choose from 12 flavours of gelato, ranging from classic favourites to exciting sorbets.

Swoon in Oxford

Swoon, located on High Street in Oxford, Swoon is a gelateria that takes pride in crafting gelato using the finest ingredients nature has to offer. From their Somerset milk to the pistachios sourced from Bronte in Sicily, Swoon ensures that only the highest quality components make their way into their gelato. Each batch is lovingly churned by their skilled gelato chefs, who take their time to create a creamier texture.

In addition to their regular eleven favourites, Swoon’s chefs dream up new seasonal flavours for their award-winning sorbetto and gelato. With 50% less fat than traditional ice cream, Swoon’s gelato offers a low-fat option without compromising on flavour. The slow churning process results in a rich, creamy texture that will have you savouring every spoonful. So, indulge in the delightfully swoonful experience at Swoon and discover the true art of gelato.

Moo-Moo’s in Oxford

Nestled in the historic Covered Market in Oxford, Moo Moos Milkshake & Smoothie shop has expanded its offerings to include a carefully curated selection of gelato flavours that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. From the richness of chocolate and hazelnut to the nostalgic delight of cookies and cream, Moo-Moo’s will have a choice of 4 flavours daily. This family-owned business takes great pride in providing a memorable experience, ensuring that each scoop is crafted with love and attention to detail.

You’re sure to find a favourite spot to indulge in a delicious frozen treat. Whether you’re in the mood for traditional Italian gelato or inventive flavour combinations, these shops offer a delightful variety of options to satisfy any ice cream connoisseur. So, grab a cone, explore the flavours, and treat yourself to a sweet experience in Oxfordshire!


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