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whats on in oxfordshire this january

This January, Oxfordshire bursts into the new year with a vibrant tapestry of events and performances to dispel the winter chill. From the soul-stirring melodies of Apphia Campbell’s “Black is the Colour of My Voice” at Oxford Playhouse to the nostalgic echoes of Depeche Mode brought to life by tribute band Enjoy The Silence UK at Fat Lils, there’s a cultural feast awaiting. Whether you’re drawn to the poignant operatic tale of “Madama Butterfly,” the laughter-laden reminiscences with “The Inbetweeners” star Joe Thomas, or the captivating dance extravaganza with Giovanni Pernice, Oxfordshire’s January calendar is rich with experiences that promise to entertain, inspire, and awe.

15 Years Of The Inbetweeners: In Conversation with Joe Thomas

Thursday 18th January 2024
The Mill Arts Centre, Spiceball Park Road, Banbury, OX16 5QE

Celebrate “15 Years of The Inbetweeners” with a unique evening featuring Joe Thomas at The Mill Arts Centre in Banbury on Thursday, 18th January 2024. This special event, held at Spiceball Park Road, OX16 5QE, offers fans a rare opportunity to engage with one of the pivotal figures of this iconic British sitcom.

Flashback to 2007: Joe Thomas, then an emerging actor and writer, took the Edinburgh Festival Fringe by storm with his writing partner Simon Bird. Their show “The Meeting” caught the eye of television producers Iain Morris and Damon Beesley, who were in the midst of creating a then-unnamed E4 sitcom. This chance encounter led to the birth of “The Inbetweeners,” which would soar to unprecedented heights as Channel 4’s most-watched series, earning prestigious accolades and breaking box office records with its film adaptations.

In an intimate and candid session, Joe Thomas will delve into his journey with “The Inbetweeners,” engage in a Q&A with fans, and share anecdotes from his varied career, including roles in “White Gold,” appearances on “Taskmaster,” and his stint on “The Great Celebrity Bake Off.”

Don’t miss out on this laughter-filled evening where you can reminisce and learn more about Britain’s much-loved teen comedy from Joe himself. It’s a perfect night out for friends—after all, what’s better than sharing a laugh with your own circle of ‘friends’. Secure your spot and be part of this one-of-a-kind trip down memory lane!

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Ellen Kent: Madama Butterfly

Thursday 18 January 2024
New Theatre Oxford, 24-26 George St, Oxford

Embark on an operatic journey with Ellen Kent’s “Madama Butterfly,” presented by Senbla and Opera International, returning by popular demand on Thursday, 18 January 2024.This critically acclaimed production, brought to life by the talented Ukrainian Opera & Ballet Theatre Kyiv, features a cast of international soloists, a celebrated chorus, and a complete orchestra.

This latest staging of the timeless opera comes with new and resplendent set designs, including a stunningly realised Japanese garden, and showcases authentic costumes, such as traditional wedding kimonos sourced from Japan, adding to the visual feast of the performance.

Praised for its emotional depth by THE INDEPENDENT—so much so that they advise bringing a box of handkerchiefs rather than just one—this production captures the poignant essence of Puccini’s masterpiece. “Madama Butterfly” is a profoundly moving tale that follows the tragic romance of a young, naive Japanese girl and an American naval officer, unfolding with lyrical beauty and a climactic intensity.

The opera is renowned for its powerful and evocative score, featuring the ethereal Humming Chorus, the soaring aria “Un bel dì vedremo” (One Fine Day), and the passionate Love Duet. Performed in its original Italian with English subtitles, this presentation of “Madama Butterfly” offers an accessible and profoundly touching experience for both seasoned opera enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

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Enjoy the Silence – Depeche Mode

Friday 19th January, 2024
Fat Lils, 64 Corn Street, Witney

Enjoy yourself in the synth-pop sounds of Depeche Mode with the tribute performance by Enjoy The Silence UK. Join them on Friday, 19th January 2024, at Fat Lils, located at 64 Corn Street, Witney, with doors opening at 8:30pm.

Enjoy The Silence UK is composed of seasoned performers from top tribute bands, including “Speak & Spell” (Depeche Mode), “Love Distraction” (The Human League), and “Retro Electro.” This ensemble is dedicated to recreating the electrifying atmosphere of a Depeche Mode concert from the golden age of the 80s and 90s.

The set list promises a journey through Depeche Mode’s most celebrated tracks. Fans can expect to hear masterfully replicated hits such as “Just Can’t Get Enough,” “Personal Jesus,” and “Behind The Wheel,” along with other classics like “People Are People.” Get ready for a night of nostalgia and pulsing beats that will take you back to the heyday of one of the most influential electronic music bands of all time.

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Giovanni Pernice – Let Me Entertain You

Sunday 21 January 2024
New Theatre Oxford, 24-26 George St, Oxford

Experience the thrill of live dance and entertainment with Giovanni Pernice’s newest tour, “Let Me Entertain You,” hitting the New Theatre Oxford stage on Sunday, January 21, 2024. Located at the heart of the city on 24-26 George St, this show promises an evening of dazzling performances.

As a champion of “Strictly Come Dancing” and a BAFTA award recipient, Giovanni Pernice exemplifies the pinnacle of performing arts. This 2024 tour brings him together with a stellar line-up of professional dancers and acclaimed West End talents to create a show that’s bound to leave audiences spellbound.

Giovanni Pernice is not just a dancer; he’s a performer and showman par excellence, ready to captivate you with every step and turn. Prepare for an immersive experience, as the show includes atmospheric effects like haze and smoke, stunning pyrotechnics, and vibrant flashing lights that add to the spectacle.

Critics are raving about Giovanni’s magnetic stage presence and expert showmanship. Aberdeen Press & Journal hails it as “A Masterclass in Entertainment,” while the Northampton Chronicle praises Giovanni as “the Perfect Entertainer.” His widespread popularity, bolstered by his time on “Strictly Come Dancing,” is highlighted by The Mancunian, which proclaims him as “Probably the most popular dancer on the show… EVER.” Don’t miss out on this electrifying event that combines the best of dance, performance, and theatrical flair.

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Monday 29th January 2024
Oxford Playhouse, Beaumont Street, Oxford

“Black is the Color of My Voice,” a poignant and stirring play both created and performed by the talented Apphia Campbell, will be showcased on Monday, 29th January 2024, at the Oxford Playhouse on Beaumont Street, Oxford.

This one-woman show is a deeply moving tribute inspired by the life of the legendary Nina Simone. Apphia Campbell breathes life into this narrative, interwoven with live renditions of Simone’s most memorable songs, capturing the essence of a singer whose voice defined a movement.

The play tracks the story of a passionate singer and civil rights activist who, in the wake of her father’s tragic death, undergoes a period of introspection. It beautifully encapsulates her evolution from a child piano virtuoso, once on a path to dedicate her life to the church, to a celebrated jazz musician and a voice of the Civil Rights Movement.

“Black is the Colour of My Voice” has received widespread acclaim, with a history of national tours across the UK, sold-out shows in international locations including Shanghai, New York, Edinburgh, and London’s West End, and audiences often rising in standing ovations.

The power and impact of Campbell’s performance have been recognised by leading publications, with The Times describing it as a “moving portrayal of determination and survival” and the Edinburgh Festival Magazine highlighting it as “A compelling and heart-breaking story, punctuated with bursts of song.” This production promises an evening of theatre that is as educational as it is emotional, leaving audiences both enlightened and deeply touched.

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