What’s on in Oxfordshire this October

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What’s on in Oxfordshire this October

This October, Oxfordshire is hosting numerous events and activities for you to enjoy. Here’s a sneak peek of just a small selection of things happening:

Headset by Victoria Melody

Tuesday 03 October 2023
The Theatre Chipping Norton, 2 Spring St, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

A Hilarious Odyssey into Stand-Up Comedy and Neurodiversity

Step into the world of amateur stand-up comedy as Victoria Melody takes you on a side-splitting journey of self-discovery in “Headset.” Selected as one of the top shows at the Edinburgh Fringe by Time Out and The Times, this theatrical gem explores the art of comedy and celebrates the beauty of our diverse and sometimes chaotic minds.

Having decided to follow her Plan B and pursue a career in stand-up comedy, Victoria Melody immerses herself in the world of amateur comedians. But comedy isn’t as easy as it seems, and Victoria’s struggle with communication and words becomes evident on the stage. What she hears in her mind as pure genius often comes out sounding like that of a baby woman. Undeterred, she embarks on a journey to become a better stand-up and seeks help from speech and language specialists. To her surprise, at the age of 40, she receives a life-changing diagnosis—she is neurodivergent.

Using wearable technology and collaborating with a neuroscientist, Victoria makes a ground breaking discovery that could offer a natural cure for ADHD. “Headset” is a captivating, insightful, and hilarious odyssey that delves into the world of comedy and neurodiversity, proving that embracing our uniqueness is a cause for celebration.

Praised as a national treasure by Time Out, Victoria Melody’s performance is filled with charisma and curiosity, leaving the audience in stitches. Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on this surreal and eye-opening theatrical experience at The Theatre Chipping Norton.

join Victoria Melody on a journey that will challenge your perception of comedy, communication, and the beauty of our diverse minds. “Headset” promises an unforgettable evening of laughter, insight, and self-discovery.

For more information and tickets, please click here to visit their website.

KIN – A gecko theatre production

Wednesday 04 and Thursday 05 October
Oxford playhouse, Oxford

A Mesmerising Journey of Identity and Belonging

Gecko Theatre Production presents “KIN,” a captivating theatrical experience, taking place on Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th October at the Oxford Playhouse. This thought-provoking performance explores the profound themes of identity, compassion, and the human spirit, bridging the gap between the past and the present.

The story revolves around Leah, a young child who embarked on a life-changing journey from Yemen to Palestine in 1932, seeking refuge from persecution. Fast forward ninety years, and her grandson imagines the harrowing voyage his family made to build a better life and escape adversity. Artistic Director Amit Lahav and the extraordinary ensemble of international devising performers at Gecko bring this tale to life, weaving in their own experiences of migration, racism, empathy, and the quest for a place to call home.

Prepare to be moved and challenged as you join the characters on a journey that will make you reflect on your own identity and sense of belonging in this ever-changing world.

For more information and tickets, please click here to visit their website.

Witney Jazz Presents Duncan Hemstock Band

Friday 06 October 2023
The Corn Exchange, Witney, Oxfordshire

Witney Jazz present the acclaimed Duncan Hemstock Band. Heavily inspired by the legendary Benny Goodman, Duncan Hemstock has become a prominent figure in the UK and mainland European Trad and Mainstream jazz scene. His impressive list of collaborations with jazz luminaries makes him a true virtuoso of the genre. For this much-anticipated performance, Duncan will curate a selection of his favourite musical pieces, transporting the audience on an enchanting journey through the world of jazz.

Sharing the stage with Duncan is the exceptionally talented jazz pianist Tom Berge, whose virtuosity at the keys will captivate every listener. Accompanying them are the skilled and seasoned artists Paul Jefferies on upright bass and the masterful drummer Clark Tracey, ensuring a rhythmic harmony that will keep you swaying to the beat.

For more information and tickets, please click here to visit their website.

Flamenco Nights

Saturday 07 October
Main Auditorium, The Mill Arts Centre Spiceball Park Road, Banbury, Oxfordshire

A Sensory Journey of Spanish Rhythms and Delights!

Indulge in an enchanting Spanish soirée as Flamenco Nights sweeps you off your feet with an authentic fusion of Spanish cuisine and mesmerising flamenco performances. Embrace the passion and flair of Spanish culture, as ‘Raíces’ by the Lourdes Fernández Flamenco Company takes centre stage on Saturday, 7th October 2023.

Flamenco, a captivating art form, entices audiences with its intricate rhythms and visual language. ‘Raíces,’ meaning ‘Roots’ in Spanish, embarks on a unique journey that blends traditional flamenco with eclectic influences, including Folk, Andalusian Copla, Jazz, and more. The result is a production that celebrates the essence of flamenco while daring to explore new artistic horizons.

Prepare to be spellbound by the carefully choreographed performances, skilfully executed by the talented artists. Within this captivating show, moments of spontaneous improvisation will delight the discerning viewer, adding an element of surprise to the evening’s spectacle.

Featuring the exceptional talents of Lourdes Fernández on dance, Adrián Solá on guitar, Mónica García on vocals, Fuensanta Zambrana on violin, and Ayoze de Alejandro on percussion, ‘Raíces’ promises to be a unique, passionate, and powerful performance that will ignite your senses.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary Flamenco Night!

For more information and tickets, please click here to visit their website.


Tuesday 10 to Saturday 14 October
Oxford Playhouse, Oxford

A Poignant Tale of Resilience and Solidarity

From Tuesday 10th to Saturday 14th October, the Oxford Playhouse presents “I, Daniel Blake,” an adaptation by Dave Johns of the critically acclaimed film directed by Ken Loach, written by Paul Laverty, and produced by Rebecca O’Brien for Sixteen Films.

Meet Dan, a Geordie carpenter recovering from a heart attack, and Katie, a Londoner who has just secured a council house for herself and her children. Their paths intertwine in “I, Daniel Blake,” offering a poignant glimpse into the realities faced by millions of individuals when the political system seems stacked against them. With a staggering 14.5 million people living in poverty in the UK, this story isn’t just fiction; it is an unflinching reflection of the challenges people endure daily.

Adapted for the stage by Dave Johns, who played the titular role in the award-winning 2016 film, “I, Daniel Blake” portrays a heartfelt narrative of resilience and unity amidst adversity. As the characters grapple with a system that seems to work against their very existence, their journey resonates deeply with audiences, underscoring the power of human connection and the strength of collective support. This powerful adaptation retains the heart and emotion of Ken Loach’s original work, making it more relevant than ever in our contemporary society.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness this touching and vital story unfold on stage at the Oxford Playhouse.

For more information and tickets, please click here to visit their website.

Oxford Half Marathon 2023

Sunday 15 October
48-51 Broad St, Oxford

Run, Cheer, and Conquer!

Lace up your running shoes and get ready for an exhilarating experience at the Oxford Half Marathon 2023! This fast and flat half marathon takes you on a thrilling journey through the historic university city of Oxford, promising a sense of achievement like no other.

The race begins at Broad Street, near Trinity College, where the excitement builds as participants are spurred on by live music and cheering crowds throughout the course. With the captivating backdrop of Oxford’s stunning architecture, the route takes runners on a memorable tour of the city’s scenic landmarks.

This flat course offers an excellent opportunity to challenge yourself and chase down a new personal best. You’ll breeze past the serene River Cherwell, run through the charming village of Old Marston, and pass by the prestigious Lady Margaret Hall of Oxford University. The finish line awaits on Park Road, where you’ll be met with a wave of exhilaration and triumph.

For more information, please click here to visit their website.

Simon Reeve – to the ends of the earth

Sunday 22 October
New Theatre Oxford, Oxford

Sunday, 22nd October, the New Theatre Oxford welcomes back the intrepid adventurer Simon Reeve with his thrilling new tour, “To The Ends Of The Earth.” Following the resounding success of his sold-out national theatre tour in 2018, Simon is returning to venues across the UK with fresh tales, deeper insights, and of course, plenty of hearty laughs.

During this captivating journey, Simon Reeve will regale audiences with enthralling stories of his travels and adventures. With behind-the-scenes footage and stunning imagery, he’ll take you on a virtual exploration of some of the most remote and breath-taking corners of the world. As an advocate for venturing beyond our comfort zones and embracing the great outdoors, Simon will nudge and encourage you to take a few gentle risks in life, opening the door to a world of wild experiences and unforgettable memories.

Simon Reeve reminds us all that life is about more than just routine. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of this extraordinary adventure.

For more information, please click here to visit their website.

Halloween at Blenheim Palace

Friday 20 October to Sunday 29 October
Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire

Halloween at Blenheim Palace: A Spooktacular Adventure Awaits!

Get ready to experience thrills, chills, and a whole lot of spooky fun this autumn half-term as Halloween descends upon Blenheim Palace from Friday 20th to Sunday 29th October 2023. As the days grow shorter and darkness envelops the palace grounds, prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey through a spooktacular trail filled with ghosts, ghouls, and witches.

As dusk falls, venture into the eerie spider tunnel, where you’ll encounter fantastic fire performers and keep an eye out for the headless horseman rising from the mist. Beware of the lurking werewolves and grinning pumpkins as you make your way to the mysterious Vampire’s crypt – you never know what fanged creature may be waiting inside…

But fear not, after all the spine-tingling thrills, there’s a delectable twist with an array of sweet treats on offer.

Join in the Halloween madness and don’t forget to dress up – you might just find yourself getting into the spirit of scaring too!

For more information and tickets, please click here to visit their website.

Henley Spooktacular Bonfire & Fireworks

Saturday 28 October
Marlow Road, Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire

A Halloween Experience Like No Other!

Get ready to be enchanted by the ultimate Halloween extravaganza at the Henley Spooktacular Bonfire & Fireworks! This Halloween weekend, they invite you to witness the biggest lower noise fireworks display in the UK, set to a spine-chilling symphony of music that will leave you mesmerised.

As darkness falls, prepare to be dazzled by the light show, choreographed to haunting melodies that will send shivers down your spine. The night sky will come alive with a stunning array of colours, a dance of light that will leave you spellbound. They have turned down the decibels, ensuring a sensory-friendly spectacle perfect for everyone.

Gather around their massive bonfire, casting a warm, golden glow that illuminates the night. Venture into their Spooky Woods, a haunted forest filled with eerie surprises at every turn. Can you brave the ghostly whispers and phantom rustlings?

Embrace the Halloween spirit by donning your most creative fancy dress, as we host a thrilling Fancy Dress Competition. Impress the judges with your spookiest attire, and you could win an exciting £100 prize along with the honour of lighting the bonfire! From witches to ghosts and classic vampires, let your imagination run wild!

Don’t miss the Henley Spooktacular Bonfire & Fireworks – it’s going to be a night you’ll never forget!

For more information and tickets, please click here to visit their website.

Jo Caulfield – Here Comes Trouble!

Main Auditorium, The Mill Arts Centre Spiceball Park Road, Banbury, Oxfordshire
Sunday 29 October

Prepare for a comedy extravaganza as the uproariously funny Jo Caulfield takes the stage at The Mill Arts Centre in Banbury. Recently crowned Comedians’ Comedian of The Year for 2021/2022, Jo Caulfield is a comedic force to be reckoned with, delivering hilarity that knows no bounds.

Fresh from her triumphant Edinburgh Fringe run, Here Comes Trouble is a non-stop riot of brilliant routines and delightfully embarrassing anecdotes. Armed with razor-sharp observations and scandalous one-liners, Jo fearlessly dissects everything and everyone she encounters. From her confrontations with strangers on trains (and elsewhere) to unapologetically discussing outlandish sexual fantasies and her exasperating neighbours, Jo’s candid humour speaks the unfiltered truths that we all secretly think but dare not say.

In Here Comes Trouble, Jo Caulfield showcases her comedic prowess with pure Stand-Up comedy. Armed only with a microphone and an irreverent attitude, she leaves no topic unexplored and no funny bone untouched. Witness the comedy genius in action and get ready to laugh until your sides hurt.

Don’t miss the chance to catch Jo Caulfield’s Here Comes Trouble at The Mill Arts Centre and buckle up for a night of laughter that will have you in stitches from start to finish!

For more information and tickets, please click here to visit their website.


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