Clue The Looking Glass

An immersive outdoor adventure in the city of Oxford

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An immersive, outdoor adventure on the streets of historic Oxford. Part escape room, part treasure hunt, part Crystal Maze. Use an app on your phone to follow the trail of clues across the city. You’ll find intriguing puzzles & secret locations, interact with characters and discover exciting objects you’ll need to use.

You have a mystery to solve. Someone is messaging you:

“Alice is missing! And nobody knows where she is. Well I know where she is, but I’m not going to tell you that easily. And anyway who in the world am I? Ah that’s the great puzzle. Well maybe I shall tell you in good time or maybe you can work it out for yourself. Or maybe you don’t care, but then I’d have to ask why you’re here in the first place. Still curious? Good. Follow me and let’s take a trip together down the rabbit hole, through the looking glass and into Wonderland.”

You have 3 hours to figure out where Alice is and who is messaging you. You’ll need to use teamwork and your powers of observation, and deduction to solve the mystery.

A Solve The City game


  • Alice is missing! Take a trip down the rabbit hole and solve the mystery
  • Part escape room, part treasure hunt, part Crystal Maze. Real interactions, mysterious objects.
  • Follow the trail of clues and solve the puzzles using a GPS enabled app on your phone.
  • Play daily from 10.15am (11.15 on Sundays). Begin your adventure at a secret city centre location.
  • From £11 per person
  • “Brilliant” “Spectacularly innovative” “Fantastic” ***** Reviews for Solve The City’s games


Solve the city in Oxford


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